Lost Jeeps SoCal

Welcome to Lost Jeeps SoCal

Lost Jeeps SoCal is open to anybody who enjoys having a good time in the great outdoors. Our members have been offroading anywhere from months to years and vary in experience, so no need to worry about keeping up. While on the trail, members share tips, maneuvers, and techniques that help conquer the trails we go on. We are not only a group that loves to off-road safely, but we are a family that enjoys what nature provides us. 

As a group, we go on many road trips where we tackle different types of trails. We also have social gatherings, such as holiday dinners and camping trips. Along as maintaining our several adopt-a-trails: 2n33 Pilot Rock,1N54 Clarks Grade, 1N86 Barton Creek.  All part of the SBNF. 

After looking over our site, and if you feel Lost Jeeps SoCal is the jeep club you have been looking for, visit the "New Memberships" link to learn how to become the newest member of our family.  And we look forward to YOU getting us lost in the future.